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"Hello. This is your one and only God of Mischief, the rightful king of Asgard, Loki. Kneel before me. After all, I am burdened with glorious purpose.

I await your ruling, my dear mortals."

I've fallen from grace, I'm all over the place.
— Anonymous: Maybe you should stay off your dash for a bit? Distract yourself, play relaxing music, do something that relieves tress. Go to activity to keep up with replies and such.

//No… I saw that trailer and it won’t go away. I can’t stop picturing it. I’m crying it’s so bad.

daughterof-thevaliant replied to your post:.
// Are you okay?!? Do you need to talk?

//The 50 shades trailer… Huuuge trigger. I fel i lcanlt breather.

Please, if you post the 50 shades of grey trailer or anything about it, please tag it as 50 shades of grey. Please, it is a huuuuge trigger.

— Anonymous: I want to know because I want you and mama to have another!

He pushed him cup away from him. No way he’s drinking anymore with this conversation. He’d choke.

"Mama and I do not plan on having anymore just yet, sweet one." He nervously coughed, his eyes avoiding the child’s. "I will tell you later, alright?"

— Anonymous: Papa, how come mama won't tell me how babies are made? Can you tell me?

He nearly spat out his tea, choking on the liquid as it ran down his throat.

"W-What!? Babies….? W-Why must you know?"

I highly recommend you follow the person I reblogged this from.

bulletprooflove1116: "SENPAI NOTICE ME!"

//I’m senpai? Thank you! ^_^